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Hot Corner Events Tournaments



Hot Corner Events is a respected event company based in Texas, specializing in organizing high-quality softball tournaments. Our tournaments provide an opportunity for softball enthusiasts to showcase their skills, compete against strong teams from across the country, and gain valuable exposure.

We understand the importance of creating a positive environment for players, coaches, and fans. We strive to ensure that our tournaments are well-organized and professional, offering a competitive yet enjoyable atmosphere. Our team is dedicated to flawlessly executing all aspects of the tournament, including scheduling, logistics, facilities, and equipment.

Hot Corner Events also offers valuable opportunities for athletes looking to advance their softball careers. Our tournaments attract a diverse range of participants, creating a platform for players to demonstrate their skills and connect with others who share their passion for the sport.

We are committed to providing players with the resources they need to succeed, including access to relevant information and support throughout their journey. Our efforts have helped numerous athletes fulfill their goals and make progress in their softball endeavors.

At Hot Corner Events, we believe in providing opportunities and resources for athletes to reach their full potential. Whether you are an experienced player aiming to improve or a young athlete just starting out, Hot Corner Events is a place where you can showcase your talent, gain valuable experience, and take your softball career to new heights.

Hotshots Summer Exposure

 06/07/24 – 06/09/24
 Conroe, TX
 Application Only 14u 16u 18u

Independent National Championships

 07/11/24 – 07/14/24
 Conroe, TX
 Application Only 14u 16u 18u

Fall Kick Off

 09/14/24 – 09/15/24
 Conroe, TX
 Open 12u 14u 16u 18u

Elite College Showcase

 10/12/24 – 10/13/24
 Conroe, TX
 Application Only 16u 18u

Hotshots Fall Exposure

 Oct 26-27, 2024
 Conroe, TX
 Application Only14u16u18u

Enjoy the Journey.
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