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Hot Corner Events Camps



Welcome to Hot Corner Events Camps, an esteemed platform that offers a unique fusion of girls fast-pitch softball and competitive events, complemented by invaluable opportunities to engage with college coaches representing various tiers of the collegiate sphere.

Our meticulously curated camps prioritize fostering interactive experiences between student-athletes and coaches within actual game scenarios, providing hands-on instruction and guidance. By uniting as team members alongside other players during these events, athletes acquire essential skills in collaborating with new teammates while gaining a comprehensive understanding of the requisites for aspiring collegiate players. Unlike typical tournament weekends, our camps guarantee that each participant will collaborate with 15-20 coaches for several hours, an assurance unavailable elsewhere. We warmly welcome campers of all backgrounds, subject only to age and participant capacity restrictions.

2024 Hotshots Exposure College Instructional Games

 Jun 8 2024, 8:00AM – 11:30AM CST
 Gene Campbell Sports Park
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Enjoy the Journey.
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