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Player Email Address Update


DEADLINE is Sunday, 5/21/23 at 11:59:00 PM

We are thrilled to announce the implementation of tagup, a leading technology platform for exposure and recruiting in the field of softball. If you have reached this message, we kindly request the player’s email address for our records. Please refrain from providing the parent’s email address. In the event that the player does not possess an email address, one can be created at


Upon receipt of the player’s email address, we will promptly enroll them in the new camp registration system. Subsequently, you will receive an email from tagup containing instructions to finalize camp registration and complete the player’s profile.

All players are required to establish a FREE account on tagup, courtesy of Hot Corner Events. This account will capture the player’s profile information, including their position, which is vital for the team creation process during the event.

The camp is nearing full capacity! It is imperative that all players activate their tagup accounts without delay. Failure to do so will result in the inability to participate in the camp.

Once the player successfully activates their tagup account, their name will also be listed here:

View Camp

We extend our gratitude for your cooperation.

Warm regards,

Hot Corner Events

This MUST be the player email address, not the parent.

Enjoy the Journey.
FREE account on tagup, courtesy of Hot Corner Events.